New Decorators Filler External Grade

Arc External Grade Decorators Filler is a solvent free sealant that can be applied both externally & internally. Typical applications include sealing around window frames, architraves, cornices, PVC profile trim and cladding, sealing/filling cracks and gaps in brickworks, stone, concrete and between skirting board and walls. Can also be used as an adhesive for bonding […]

New InterVent Breathable Membrane

InterVent Breathable Membrane is a high performance roof underlay for cold & warm applications. The membrane is flexible and lightweight, provides no gusting wind noise, it has an excellent tensile strength and it has high water resistance and vapour permeability. InterVent Breathable Membrane is available in 120g per squared metre (InterVent 120) and 140g per […]

New InterLinx 3GG Decoupling Membrane

InterLinx 3GG is a unique decoupling and waterproofing membrane for use on problematic substrates such as recently laid concrete floors & screeds, timber floors and underfloor heating installations. The membrane absorbs lateral stresses and cracks protecting the tile installation from cracking and debonding. Suitable for both internal and external applications. The unique top and bottom […]

New Tilers Primer Plus

TILERS PRIMER PLUS Provides a textured grit finish to difficult substrates before tiling Ready mixed & ready to use Solvent-free formulation DESCRIPTION Arc Tilers Primer Plus is a solvent-free, ready mixed primer for both absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.  It provides a textured grit finish enhancing the bond between tile adhesives and/or levelling compounds and the […]