New product from Arc Building Products.

Arc Path & Patio Sealer is a tough acrylic sealer used to seal and protect absorbent concrete or natural stone surfaces. It produces a hard, clear seal with excellent weathering and water resistance and offers excellent protection from dirt, oil and staining, and helps to prevent moss and mould growth. Arc Path & Patio
Sealer can be used on most concrete and stone paving and is also ideal for use on concrete garage floors, hardstandings and yards.

  • Ready to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Protects from oil, petrol & water
  • Reduces moss & fungal growth


All surfaces must be dry, clean and free from dust, dirt or debris. All surfaces must be absorbent. When used externally do not apply if it is raining or if rain is forecast within 6-12 hours. If algae or green growth has been present, a pre-treatment with Arc Algae & Greenslime Remover is recommended after cleaning and before sealing. If oil staining is present, it should be removed with a suitable proprietary detergent. Ensure all cleaning products have been rinsed off and surface dried before application.
It is always recommended to carry out a trial on an inconspicuous area to check appearance, finish and suitability.


Stir well before use. Do not dilute. Apply by brush, roller or low-pressure spray in an even coat across the entire surface. For best results, apply using a long pile roller in long even strokes. Protect surrounding areas from splashes or overspray. Apply in 2 coats allowing 2-4 hours between coats. A third coat may be applied if a semi-gloss finish is required.
Do not allow puddles to form, particularly on textured surfaces, and do not apply in thick layers. Drying time for the final coat will be 2-4 hours depending on conditions. Drying and re-coat times will take longer at lower temperatures and when humidity is high.

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