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MS-11 Polymer & MS-11 Rapid High Tack

Bonds, Seals & Mounts just about everything, even underwater.
It is suitable for internal and external use. Bonds most materials including metal, wood, most plastics, ceramic, concrete, brick and safe to use on delicate materials such as lead, mirror or natural stone.

Arc Bitumen Roofing Range

The Bitumen Roofing Range from Arc has all the products you need when installing, maintaining or repairing your roof. The range consists of primer, paints (black and aluminium), adhesives and waterproofing solutions (overall or crack sealing).

Arc Fire Cement

Arc Fire Cement is a ready mixed, air drying, silicate-based material for use as a joint filler and adhesive where high temperature resistance is required, such as pipework and flues in fireplaces, boilers, solid fuel burners, central heating systems and fire backs. It resists to temperatures up to 1250ºC and, when exposed to heat, it dries to a hard, cement–like material with good adhesion to many surfaces.

How to paint a BBQ, Stove or Fireplace?

If your BBQ is not looking great after the summer and you would like to make it look as new for the next season, Arc Colorfast High Temperature Spray Paint is the right product for you. And, if you get to painting why not restore the deep black of your stove or fireplace, making them ready for the approaching cold season. Arc Colorfast High Temperature Spray Paint dries in 1h and resists to temperatures of up to 600ºC. With a single 400ml aerosol you will cover up to 2 square meters.

How to clean a stove glass?

There is something special about the flames in a stove or fireplace. They produce warmth but above all they have a soothing effect. This effect is diminished once soot and other dirt is formed on the stove glass. KleanX Stove Glass Cleaner removes soot, burnt-on residues, grease and stubborn deposits quickly and effortlessly from glass panes in stoves, fireplaces and oven.

MOULDX – The Anti-Mould Range

Two thirds of homes in Ireland have some form of mould or mildew which not only smells, but it also damages your home and your health.
MouldX by Arc have developed a complete and dedicated range of products to deal with this problem.

Arc Aluminium Straight Edge Trims – GOLD

Arc Aluminium Straight Edge trims are the ideal way to create a professional finish to your tiling project. The Trims are perfect for the protection and neat finishing of tiled corners and edges and can be used for effective masking of irregularities and as a decoration when separating 2 different surfaces. Profile is suitable for the walls and floors, and can be used horizontally and vertically.

The new Arc Algae & Greenslime Remover

Is your patio starting to look green and slippery? You don’t have to lay a new patio to get your premises looking its best. The new Arc Algae & Greenslime remover has the following benefits: Removes algae, green patina & green deposits Also kills red algae found on house walls Prevents recurrence For use on […]