Arc MagnaBoards

High performance building boards, offering innovative, sustainale and effective building solutions for new-build, renovation and restoration projects

Arc MagnaBoards are fire rated to A1, unaffected by water, moisture & humidity, durable & impact resistant, sound & heat insulating, lightweight and easy to install.

Unlike plasterboard and plywood, Arc MagnaBoards will not physically deteriorate, swell or buckle when subjected to water or moisture making them the perfect wall or floor tiling substrate in areas subject to water, moisture and humidity.

Arc MagnaBoards are non-combustible and have an A1 Fire Rating making them ideal for use as internal fire resistant wall & ceiling boards or where heat resistance is required such as around stoves and boilers.

Arc MagnaBoards can be easily utilised as internal wall cladding, on stud frames, as wall partitions or in ceiling and prefab construction.

The boards are suitable for external use but should have a final waterproof finish applied such as a waterproof external render or coating.

Arc MagnaBoards will accept a variety of finishes such as tiles, wallpaper, plaster, paint and render.

Magna Boards are available in 1200x600mm, 1200x1200mm and 2400x1200mm sizes, 6mm or 12mm thick.

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