Black Panther Tape – The Strongest Tape


The Black Panther Tape is a heavy-duty industrial tape with extreme holding power and tensile strength available in black and silver.
It adheres to most surfaces for applications ranging from bundling to moisture proofing, sealing to splicing, reinforcing to hanging heavy poly drop cloths.
Due to its ability to remove cleanly, it is an excellent choice for building industry.
Despite its extreme tensile strength, it can be teared easily and has great weather resistance therefore is ideal for projects and repairs both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty adhesive
  • Ultra-strong backing
  • Superior holding power
  • Clean removal
  • Easy tear
  • Weather Resistant (Wind, Humidity, Sun, Rain)

Typical Applications

  • Interior & Exterior
  • Heavy repairs
  • Can be used on brick, concrete, wood etc.
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