Arc Premium Plasticiser

Why is it beneficial to use Plasticiser in your mortar mixes? Because it does several things like:

  • It creates a smoother mix and helps the particles coagulate better together
  • Improves the workability of the mortar making it easier to spread
  • It aids adhesion of the mortar to the bricks
  • Reduces the amount of water required which improves the freeze resistance
  • More flexibility which helps prevent cracking during expansion/contraction

ARC Premium Plasticiser Double Strength is a ready to use liquid admixture, containing air entrapping agents, the effect of which is to plasticise a mix and therefore provide a satisfactory fatty mortar for laying bricks and blocks without the use of lime. An important feature is its ability to impart resistance to the effects of freezing.
The improvement made possible in a mortar mix by Arc Premium Plasticiser Double Strength result from the action of this admixture in reducing the surface tension of the gauging water reducing the internal friction within the mix between cement and sand particles.
It should be noted that 4.55 litres of Arc Premium Plasticiser Double Strength produces similar improvements in workability to approximately 400kg of lime, the traditional plasticising material, with considerable savings in material cost and storage space.
The resistance to the effects of freezing of the unset mortar is due to the ability of the air bubbles to take up expansion of the water when it turns to ice in the mortar.
The expansion would cause disintegration of non-air entrained mortar mixes. In cured mortar, the presence of the air bubbles and an improved waterproofing quality helps to resist the disruptive pressure of the ice formation. The improvement in waterproofing quality is brought about by a break up in continuity of capillary channels by minute air bubbles and by the reduction in quantity of gauging water effected by the use of Arc Premium Plasticiser Double Strength.
The properties imparted by Arc Premium Plasticiser Double Strength fulfil the following basic requirements for satisfactory fatty mortar:
• It must be easy to work and spread to achieve high efficiency in laying of bricks and blocks.
• The mix must remain plastic for a sufficient time to allow adjustment of the bricks but must have a reasonably fast initial set to achieve stability.
• The mix must be economical in use.
• The strength of the mortar must be less than that of the bricks or blocks

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