Arc Pot-Cem High Strength Rapid Mortar


Arc Pot-Cem High Strength Rapid Mortar is formulated to set hard after 30 minutes and reach 20N/mm² after 2 hours, and 60N/mm² once fully cured, which is approx. 15 times stronger than standard Sand & Cement mixes. Ideal for rapid high strength repairs to screeds, holes, gaps and cracks in concrete, stone, brick and most masonry surfaces. Ideal for internal and external repairs to steps & window sills, pointing brick & stone, setting posts & sanitary ware, repairs to ponds & pools and the bedding & patching of paths, patios and blocks. Suitable for setting manhole covers, street furniture, fixings and repairing driveways and warehouse floors. For fixing bolts and fixings, fixing handrails, crash barriers and posts and bedding in machinery and safes.


Suitable for use in temperatures between 5° and 30°C. Ensure area is clean and free of grease, dust & other contaminants. For critical repairs, the substrate should be mechanically prepared. The area should then be thoroughly dampened but free from standing water.
Add approx. 12% water – 0.6L per 5kg and mix thoroughly.
Only mix the amount which can be used whitin 10-15 min.
Do not add extra water once the product has begun to stiffen. Apply and fully compact in layers of up to 75mm.
Store in cool dry conditions between 5°C and 25°C.
12 month shelf life in original unopened container.

Working Time: 10-15 minutes.
Setting Time: 30 minutes.
Depth: 10mm to 75mm.
Can be mixed with chippings for larger jobs.

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