How to clean a stove glass?

There is something special about the flames in a stove or fireplace. They produce warmth but above all they have a soothing effect. This effect is diminished once soot and other dirt is formed on the stove glass. KleanX Stove Glass Cleaner removes soot, burnt-on residues, grease and stubborn deposits quickly and effortlessly from glass panes in stoves, fireplaces and oven.

Below are instructions on how to clean wood burning stove glass once it has blackened through use, and also some things you can do to help keep stove glass clean.

How to clean wood burning stove glass

Only use on surfaces which have cooled down sufficiently. Spray KleanX Stove Glass Cleaner evenly onto glass and allow to work in for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove residues with a cloth or paper towel.  Wipe over with clean water and rub dry with a clean cloth. Observe the cleaning tips provided by the stove manufacturer. Enamel lacquer should be properly fired before the first cleaning. Protect the surrounding areas and surfaces from contact and if necessary wash off immediately with plenty of water.

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Tips to keep the glass clean on a wood burning stove

  • Wipe down the glass with wet newspaper between fires to keep on top of any blackening of the glass.
  • Ensure to keep any air vents open that are required for the air wash system.
  • Burn dry, low moisture content wood.
  • Never leave the fire to smoulder, which can produce excess smoke and can increase the rate in which the glass starts to blacken.
  • Build and maintain fires more towards the back of the stove.
  • Always start with kindling when you warm up the stove and the flue.
  • Use hardwood logs rather than softwood.
  • Make sure the temperature is high to reduce the deposits on your glass.