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Facts about Woodworm and how to prevent infestation


Woodworm is not actually a worm, it is the larva of any wood-boring beetle which can live for up to 5 years inside wood, only boring to the surface when they’ve matured to adulthood. Even though they are tiny pests and not dangerous for human health, the damage caused by the larvae eating their way through timber can lead to serious structural integrity problems in a property if left untreated. To treat the infestation more effectively, it is important to spot it in the early stages.

New Arc Universal Wood Preservative & Woodworm Killer

The new Arc Universal Wood Preservative & Woodworm Killer kills & prevents woodworm, and protects against wet & dry rot. The formulation has virtually no odour, producing a non-flammable, quick drying product containing no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and is ready to apply direct from the container. It is suitable for interior & exterior use and it is over paintable. MADE IN IRELAND.