Arc Fire Cement

Arc Fire Cement is a ready mixed, air drying, silicate-based material for use as a joint filler and adhesive where high temperature resistance is required, such as pipework and flues in fireplaces, boilers, solid fuel burners, central heating systems and fire backs. It resists to temperatures up to 1250ºC and, when exposed to heat, it dries to a hard, cement–like material with good adhesion to many surfaces.

Where to use Arc Fire Cement?

Arc Fire Cement can be used in domestic or industrial application. It is used in fireplaces, stoves, gas cookers, boilers, central heating systems and ranges to repair cracks and patches of damage to fire bricks and fire backs. Moreover, it can also be used to seal ceramic flue liners in a commercial chimney where the heat reaches high temperatures.

How to use Arc Fire Cement?

When using Arc Fire Cement Cartridge, apply the adhesive with a sealant gun forcing it into the area to be sealed, then immediately tool it down to ensure good adhesion. When using Arc Fire Cement tubes, wear a latex glove and apply a liberal amount of cement on one finger. Then work the cement well into the cracked or damaged area.

What is the curing time for Arc Fire Cement?

Generally, the curing time for the Arc Fire Cement is around 12 hours.
Once you have applied the cement onto the cracks, wait for an hour before using the appliance. After one hour from the application, turn on the appliance and keep it on the low setting for two hours. The low temperature will gently cook the water out from the applied cement. Once all the water has been cooked out of the cement, turn on the heat to medium to high setting for four to six hours. Since fire cement is heat resistant, it should only dry up from the heat, and not crack under it, so you don’t have to worry about the temperature once the water is cooked out.

Does Arc Fire Cement crack?

Oftentimes, fire cements crack due to the expanding and contracting of your metal stove as it heats up and cools down. Cracks in fire cement, or even where it has fallen out, are only a critical issue if smoke is coming through.

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