Arc Smart Seal

Arc Smart Seal – For waterproofing around baths & shower trays.

  • 100% Waterproof
  • 3-ply flexible sealing tape
  • With self-adhesive butyl strip

Suggested Installation:

1. Thoroughly clean, degrease & roughen the sides of the shower tray or bath tub.
2. Remove the release foil from the butyl strip 100mm at a time. Install the Smart Seal with the butyl strip on the bottom. Align the top of the butyl strip with the top
edge of the shower tray or bath tub and press firmly by hand. Install the Smart Seal as one piece, avoiding seams and when applying around corners, pinch the Smart Seal to allow extra material in the corners aiding subsequent tiling.
3. Position the shower tray or bath tub and bond the fleece upstand to the wall
using a suitable sealant, tanking paste or adhesive.
4. Smart Seal will accept tanking paste, membranes or tile adhesive without the need for a primer.

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