Arc-Grip Solvent Free adhesive is a general purpose building adhesive formulated with high performance polymers eliminating the need for solvents. The adhesive has excellent wet grab with ample open time for positioning, and dries rapidly producing high bond strength. It can be sanded, it’s over paintable and adheres to all common building and construction materials including polystyrene. For interior, exterior use, rough, smooth, vertical or horizontal surfaces. The adhesive is ideal for fixing to surfaces that will be damaged by mechanical fixings. Non-Flammable.


• Fixing skirting boards, architraves, dado rails and coving.
• Bonding timber frames to brick and stone.
• Fixing wallboards and plasterboard to battens.
• Bonding floor grippers and metal edges (on porous surfaces)
• Bedding and bonding worktops to units.
• General DIY and repairs.
• Fixing polystyrene tiles, coving and decorative mouldings.

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