• For thin sheet metal (of the type used in car bodies, tank farms and the tank construction sector), steel cable, thin-walled profile sections and pipes made of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, composite materials (FRP), high temperature materials, e.g. repairing turbines.
  • Very suitable for high alloy special steel, angular steel profiles, aluminium alloy, copper, brass bronze, angular stainless steel profiles
  • Well suitable for unalloyed and alloyed construction steel, very solid construction steel, tool steel
  • Limited suitability for cast
  • This very thin disc (1.0 mm) enables you to achieve a uniquely clean cut in the shortest possible time while using a minimum of force.
  • Precise to the millimetre, vibration- free cutting, no thermal bluing and no burring (precluding the need for subsequent machining).