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Chalk Paint - Aged Blue Bedside Table

We are lovers of renewal, of change in positive and above all of giving second chances. We show you the change of an old bedside table painted blue aged. A classic little table transformed with the help of the indigo blue of Pintyplus chalk paint.


The project:

It was about giving a touch of color to a rather old bedroom painting the two bedside tables that accompanied the bed. For this work the owner of the tables wanted to maintain the old look without the original wood being seen, too clear for her taste. Therefore, color, vintage style and camouflage the color of wood. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to paint and wear with two new colors, one of base and one of surface. Indigo blue loved it, so we set out to do something tailor made. The base is a dark color, in this case the black lead, so that when wearing black peel and possibly some wood.

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Chalk Paint - Techniques to Create a Distressed and Vintage look


Everyone who uses Chalk Paint Spray quickly develops their own favourite techniques to create stunning, beautiful, vintage effects.As a general guideline, you always need to make sure the object is clean, dry and free of dirt & grease.  Spray from a distance of about 25cm in thin, quick layers, first horizontally and then vertically.  This will give you a perfectly uniform finish and avoids drips.  A single coat will create a fabulous matt, soft & velvety finish.


There are lots of tips and techniques but we always encourage people to experiment and use their imagination.


Spray the object in question.  You can use just one colour or you can blend different colours.  Leave for about 20 minutes and then gently rub with a damp cloth to remove any dust particles.  With a fine sandpaper, rub the edges, corners and details to reveal the original colour, creating a worn and distressed affect.


After spraying, before the paint has dried, with your fingers or palm, immediately rub the areas you want to create the appearance of wear.  The paint is water-based so safe to touch but you may still want to wear protective gloves or use a damp cloth.  You can also paint a base colour and leave to completely dry before applying the top coat and rubbing to reveal the base colour in the worn areas.


Another way of creating a vintage effect is to spray the object with the main colour and then stain the edges and details with another colour by smearing the paint over the original colour with your fingers.


Chalk paint is naturally prone to wear and scratching so to protect your finished work you can apply a coat of Pinty Plus Clear Matt Varnish.  This varnish is water-based and will be dry in about 15 minutes.


For outdoor objects or materials which don’t take paint well such as certain plastics of stainless steel, we recommend priming with Pinty Plus Universal Primer to help with the paint adhesion.


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